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Health and Dental Insurance Canada

Canadians can boast of having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that all the healthcare coverage will be provided by the provincial government. Hence, with the cut back in healthcare coverage by provincial governments, you may have to bear expenses for prescription drugs, dentist visits, eye exams, paramedical services, transportation by ambulance, etc. The enhanced healthcare plans of Life Guard Insurance can provide coverage against these and other unexpected health and dental expenses you may incur.

The rising costs of living a healthy lifestyle is a major cause of concern in Canada. In spite of some provincial health insurance plans covering major health costs, they are inadequate to cover items like antibiotics and physiotherapy, which could turn out to be major expenses in the event of a member becoming sick or requiring treatment by a healthy professional.

The Extended Health Care insurance, also known as Medical insurance, is an affordable form of protection that provides coverage for the costs of health services and supplies that not provided under provincial plans. Options exist for members to buy coverage for their family as well.

Our individual health plans are uniquely designed to supplement government health plan of each province. Benefits include a wide range of supplementary health and dental benefits, including hospital, vision and prescription drug expenses, etc.

Dental Insurance

Like other kinds of health care, dental care can turn out to be expensive without insurance protection. It is imperative to maintain healthy teeth and gums, especially the numerous researches conducted that show how problems with your dental health can affect your overall health status.

Whether you’re self-employed, working under an employee or retired, there is a perfect health care package of benefits available for you and your family through Life Guard Insurance. The provincial health care plans are in continuous changes that make it important to find affordable protection against unexpected medical expenses.

There could be delay or avoidance of medical care till you have saved enough money to meet the expenses for the services, or going into debt for extended medical care. The health and dental insurance plan provides coverage for the high costs of good dental care, or cover the cost of expensive prescription drugs required.