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Return to Work Assistance Benefits in Canada

It is good for you physically, emotionally and financially to get back to work after a disability. To help you achieve this, most insurance companies in Canada provide return to work benefits on their disability income protection insurance policy. These benefits provide you with financial help, along with rehabilitation, job retraining and other services for a smoother transition back to your workplace.

Providing support for returning to work

You can go for Return to work assistance right from the first day of your disability. Assistance could be in returning to work or enhancing your ability to work and could include such services like:

  • Financial and business planning
  • Transferable skills analysis, which includes identifying other occupations you could perform
  • Job training and education
  • Job search assistance and placement
  • Co-ordination and payment for physical and/or psychological rehabilitation services

Your insurance company may also provide job or work-site modifications to fulfill your needs. These could be in the form of:

  • Ergonomic furniture and/or equipment
  • Working to change your job duties, in close cooperation with you and your employer
  • Assistive devices like mobility-enhancing equipment or visual/audio devices

Optional or Mandatory

For people on long-term disability, this type of benefit is widely used. It is a good idea to remain an active working member of society instead of remaining at home for life. Many disability insurance policies have this mandatory benefit, beginning from the first day of disability. For others, the benefit is optional for you to choose and depends on your feeling of joining another career.