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Travel insurance Canada for medical expenses.

For Canadians traveling out of the province or out of the country, Life Guard Insurance has a simple and affordable means of protecting against the cost of unexpected emergency medical expenses that may occur during their trip.

Why do I need Travel Medical Insurance?

The provincial health care only provides fraction of health care expenses incurred outside Canada and provides limited coverage when visiting other provinces. Hence, in the event of illness and accident happening while traveling abroad, the out-of-pocket expenses you make could make a big hole in your savings. Life Guard Insurance travel and medical insurance gives enough coverage for any unforeseen medical emergency while traveling and protect your hard-earned money. To further your financial protection, there are policies to provide coverage for non-medical expenses such as trip cancellation or interruption and baggage loss.

The provincial medical plan does not cover emergency medical expenses outside Canada, which can be overwhelming. For millions of Canadians comprehensive emergency travel coverage provided by Life Guard Insurance has become a must-have part of their holiday plans.

If you are travelling outside your own province, your provincial health insurance policy could only cover your medical and paramedical expenses partially. You could go for coverage on a daily or annual basis depending on your needs. So if you are planning a travel during the year or go for occasional short trips, there is a plan available that meets your need and budget. Let Life Guard Insurance coverage take care of any unexpected medical emergency costs so that your travel becomes free from worry.

Inadequate Employee Benefits Plan

The health insurance as provided by your employer under employee benefits plan may be inadequate to provide coverage for your spouse or dependents and often gives coverage on your travel days and the amount to be paid. Hence, it makes sense to check your health insurance about possible coverage by your employer and decide for yourself about the need for more travel insurance.

Check Coverage under Credit Card Travel Insurance

If you are travelling outside Canada or your province of residence, your credit cards could provide coverage for any emergency medical insurance. However, there could be key differences in coverage between travel insurance and that provided by your credit cards. Hence, it is always good to review what is covered by credit cards before going out on vacation.

Without travel medical insurance, your two–week vacation budget could turn out to be a nightmare by such incidents as food poising, appendicitis or a dental cavity. Even a cross–border day trip to the US can become a medical and financial catastrophe, as many hospitals in the US don’t treat patients without adequate medical coverage or cash up front.